Our First Flea Market was a Success!!

Customer/Vendor feedback:

Mid Century Living Blog:

For fun we’ve been trying to get out of the house for a few hours on the weekends and explore Napa’s second-hand shops and thrift stores. One of the best shops in Napa is undoubtedly Alice’s Consignment shop and this weekend the large parking lot behind Alice’s Consignment shop was turned into the Downtown Napa Antique & Vintage Flea Market. It was a small but interesting gathering of eclectic sellers and buyers. One of my favorite sellers was Rosey’s Little Things. I bought a Melmac serving dish from her and some lovely jewelry. The Downtown Napa Antique & Vintage Flea Market is going to become a monthly event during the summer and fall months and I’m looking forward to it! The next one is scheduled to take place on June 26th and you can find more information here.



Today was the opening day of this really unique and kind of quirky flea market in the old downtown area of Napa CA.  If you’ve ever been to the Napa Valley in CA it is a wonderful, beautiful place chock full of history, beauty and of course wineries. A very entrepreneurial soul has started a small 20 or so vendor flea market in the area surrounding her really chic and shabby antiques consignment shop.  That would be “Alices Consignment” at 1746 Yajome St.

Let me tell you the shop is bursting with all things unique, vintage and wonderful.  And no, I didn’t take any pictures.  I’ll give a link to the shop and the flea market schedule for the rest of 2010. ”


Green PaintBrush

Napa’s 1st Downtown Flea Market vendors were greeted in the early morning by a chill in the air, hot air balloons overhead and coffee and donuts provided by Alice’s Consignment Shop.  It didn’t take long for everyone to set up their wares, thanks to the super-organized system put in place by Alice & Sarah, consignment shop proprietors extraordinaire.  And once everyone was set up, we did what us vendors do best…. we shopped in each others’ booths!



We tend to shop small “new” flea markets when we find them or hear about them or see them advertised. Many times Craig’s list is a great source of information.

This past weekend we shopped a brand new small flea in Napa California. It is set up adjacent to an Antiques Consignment store. The people that own/run the shop organized the flea. For this first time, there were 20 or so vendors and the consignment store was open. It was scheduled to start at 8:00 AM and when we arrived a bit before 8:00 AM all but 2 of the dealers were set up and ready for sales. Everything vintage….and it was fun!! I forgot to take pictures, but I’m providing a link to the website for the flea. There are lots of pictures and information. They are having it once a month through October. It was fun and most importantly, I found bargains to buy!! I’m very pleased and I’ll be back.


Come on by next time – June 26th – 8am-3pm

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