Advertising for Flea

1. Flea Market Blog spot –
2. Alice’s Consignment’s –   
3. Napa Register Online –
Video Ad – Plays 10,ooo on the Napa Register online
Calendar of Events –
 Napa Register Print –
 –Ad – Will run in the Garage Sale section(a couple of days prior) in the Napa Register,
 St.  Helena Star & Weekly Calistogan
5. Collective Mind BLOG on SF GATE – Antique, Vintage Flea Market – 
6. Facebook – Event through Napa Flea(Sarah/Alice) – sign up as a friend, tell a friend!
Flea Market has it’s own Facebook page –  
7. Napa Chamber of Commerce – more info to be added this week – links:
Alice’s Consignment’s
Napa Flea
 8. Today’s Vintage –  
9. Vendor & Customer Blog’s – 
 10. your blog? let me know where you have posted info…. the more the merrier!
 11. Flyers – have been posted around town in Napa, handbills are handed out from our shop, Postcards are sent out to Antique & Vintage shops around the North/East Bays & Marin, spread the word….
May-October Market Booth sizes and cost
1. Full size(about 2 parking lot spaces) – 250′ – $125
2. Half Size(about 1 parking lot size) – 125′ – $75
Thanks for looking…. let us know if you have any questions! Sarah & Alice
(best contact is email – )

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