Vendor Contract

This contract is 2 pages, please print out, sign and send in. Thanks, see ya soon!


7 Responses to Vendor Contract

  1. Pierette Titus says:

    I am a frequent visitor of your store and just love what you are doing. I am interested in participating in this event because I have a barn full of antique beds, tables, etc… in storage. These are things that belong to family and a couple I have collected through the years.

    Although I enjoy it very much, at this time I am not sure if I will be starting a business thus I do not have a license yet. Do you know if I could get a one time license for this event?

    Thank you,


    • napamarket says:


      Hello – happy to hear from you! You do not need a vendor license in order to participate. We have a license and that will satisfy what the city has requested of us.

      Sounds like you have some great items for the market…. can you send over pics? Thanks Sarah

  2. sheila fontaine says:

    I will be sharing a space with Eileen Alexander. I would like to know if we can drive up to our space, unload and then park. I can’t do a lot of walking. Also, what is the size of a regular space. thanks. sheila

    • napamarket says:


      Hello – very excited that you will be sharing a booth with Eileen! In the early AM between 6-7:45am you can have a vehicle in your space to unload – but you will need to park it down the road before the market starts. Spaces will be 15′ x 20’….

  3. Audrie Fox says:

    I was in Napa on March 26th and I visited your shop. I love it! I purchased a quilt that was displayed on the bench in front of your shop. I’m really excited about being a part of the June show. I am already doing a show in my area on May 22. I live in Chico. I sell shabby chic furniture, fabric (barkcloth), linens, childrens furniture (vintage chairs), and a variety of collectibles. I’m sure I would fit right in to the market items being sold. Please let me know when I should register for the June show…I don’t want to lose a spot. Thank you so much, Audrie Fox

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